Our Standards

POSI-Check POSI-Check

POSI-Check by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that a hotel or hospitality business has effective systems in place to prevent the spread of infection associated with communicable diseases such as Covid-19 and Norovirus. The system addresses the infection risk dynamically and assesses the readiness and ability of the organisation to eliminate or minimise the effects of infectious diseases. POSI-Check addresses not only the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic but also a range of other infections known to have caused widespread illness, ranging from gastro-enteritis through to Legionnaires Disease.

RoomCheck RoomCheck

RoomCheck by Intertek Cristal ensures that hotels manage and monitor the effectiveness of their room cleaning operations against an international benchmark. The RoomCheck Standard was developed to establish a framework for room cleaning within the hotel industry that prevents issues associated room cleanliness and hygiene (e.g. Mould, bed bugs), as well as minimising the potential spread of infections such as Norovirus and E. Coli. RoomCheck’s thorough auditing protocol is combined with state of the art technology to determine the cleanliness of surfaces within a hotel room that goes beyond the normal visual indications. This technology allows us to look at the microbiological level of cleanliness that you should expect from your hotel.

PoolCheck PoolCheck

PoolCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that swimming pools and associated facilities are safe to use. Swimming pools and leisure facilities represent a significant percentage of guest interaction with a hotel, therefore it is vitally important that these areas are free of issues that might cause harm. Whether it is a physical defect in the pool itself or an unsafe contaminant within the water PoolCheck is designed to prevent these by ensuring that a detailed system of pool maintenance and water quality is implemented and managed correctly. The system ensures that disinfection, filtration and documentation protocols are followed, and that pool water is periodically analysed to assess its characteristics and ensure the absence of harmful contaminants. An inspection regime will be in place to monitor water clarity, cleanliness and general maintenance deficiencies are addressed immediately and accurate records kept.

SecurityCheck SecurityCheck

SecurityCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that the hotel has systems in place to prevent and effectively react to security incidents ranging from the extremely unlikely terrorist attack, to the far more common instance of petty theft. Those hotels operating the SecurityCheck system have established the types of security risk posed by the location, guest type or geopolitical environment and will have implemented a suitably robust security plan. The hotel is regularly audited to ensure that the level of risk is adequately managed and that any weak points in the security arrangements are addressed.

FoodCheck FoodCheck

FoodCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to assist hotels and hospitality businesses in producing and serving safe and hygienic food for guests. The fundamentals of the Cristal system are based on the HACCP concept, which was originally developed in conjunction with NASA to prevent food poisoning of astronauts in space, and has now become the core of World Health Organisation advice and government legislation on food safety. This methodology identifies every stage of the food process and establishes what needs to be monitored and controlled in order to reduce the risk of food contamination or unsafe conditions. Following the systems laid out within FoodCheck makes certain that all possible care has been taken to ensure that every aspect of food service is of the highest quality as regards food hygiene and safety.

AquaCheck AquaCheck

AquaCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease and other water related issues. The system is based on international best practice and guidance on the safe management of water systems and facilities, and whilst there is a wide variety of system structures and types, the specific recommendations and measures within AquaCheck should ensure that harmful waterborne illnesses are prevented. Due to the risks associated with poorly managed and maintained water systems AquaCheck focuses on ensuring that all aspects of the water system at a property are installed correctly and subject to rigorous inspection and maintenance regime. A property certified to the AquaCheck standard will have accurate and up to date records of maintenance work undertaken, critical temperature levels and disinfection levels.

SpaCheck SpaCheck

SpaCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that the Spa and recreational facilities at a hotel are operated in accordance with best practice. The system requires the Spa to address the safety and hygiene requirements necessary to protect the users and staff in these facilities for injury or illness. SpaCheck ensures that all facilities, procedures and safety systems are in place and operating effectively to ensure you have a relaxing and safe experience.

FireCheck FireCheck

FireCheck by Intertek Cristal is focused on the prevention of fire within a hotel. The potential damage and loss of life associated with a fire means that this is one of the most important aspects of safety that the hotel should manage. FireCheck ensures that the fire safety arrangements required by law and best practice within the hotel industry are in place, maintained and managed effectively. The hotel has a requirement to evaluate the risks associated with its operation and take the necessary precautions to prevent fires from starting and minimise their effect should they occur. FireCheck makes sure that controls such as fire-detection and fire-fighting equipment are in place, along with more fundamentals aspects of emergency procedures and staff training. The process we follow is based around understanding the specific requirements of the hotel based on risk and then helping them to create a system that ensures your safety. This co-operative approach is complimented by a schedule of regular audits to make sure that every aspect of the system is working effectively.

SafetyCheck SafetyCheck

SafetyCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that accidents and safety issues that are preventable within a hotel are effectively managed and eliminated where possible. The SafetyCheck module applies a process of risk assessment to ensure that aspects such as balconies, glazing, the conditions of rooms and of the hotel itself does not cause injury or death where this could be reasonably prevented. The hotel is regularly audited to ensure that the main risk areas are controlled and that all of the management systems and procedures are operating effectively.

CrisisCheck CrisisCheck

CrisisCheck by Intertek Cristal addresses the specific dangers associated with hurricanes. These are tropical cyclones that produce wind speeds ranging between 74 miles (119 kilometers) per hour at Category 1 to in excess of 155 miles (249 kilometers) per hour at Category 5. Even at the lower categories the devastation and disruption caused is extensive. As this phenomenon is usually restricted to certain hurricane areas and during certain seasons some of us have never experienced this at first hand before. CrisisCheck is a Hurricane Preparedness module designed to ensure that those hotels or accommodation that are at risk have taken every necessary precaution to ensure that when a hurricane does strike they, and you, suffer the minimum disruption possible. When it happens a hurricane can wreak havoc even to a well prepared hotel, but recent experience in places such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic show that those that were prepared could resume normal activity far faster than those with no formal arrangements. The system helps the hotel develop the appropriate plans and procedures, along with contingency arrangements such as emergency supplies and designated recovery locations that are vital to continued operation.

EcoCheck EcoCheck

EcoCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to work with hotels to develop new or enhance existing environmental or ethical systems and practices to ensure that they represent a sustainable option for the considerate holiday maker. The module looks at the environmental and ethical impacts of the hotel and its operation and helps in the development of systems, policies and procedures to reduce the negative impact whilst also encouraging positive effects of tourism on the local community. Aspects of global significance such as reductions in energy consumption and therefore CO2 production have both an environmental and economic benefit. Whilst improvements in worker conditions and increased community involvement have a positive return to the hotel as staff turnover reduces and efficiency increases. An example of another area covered is the use of renewable energy generation technology such as solar or wind powered systems.

AccessCheck AccessCheck

AccessCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that a hotel has taken reasonable steps to ensure that its facilities and services are accessible to all. This system requires hotels to consider both the design of the property and the procedures and systems necessary to ensure equity for those using wheelchairs, with impaired senses or other specific requirement. AccessCheck ensures that the information provided on these features are an accurate representation of what is present.

DineCheck DineCheck

DineCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that the standards of cleanliness you expect are in place in all of the dining facilities operated by the hotel. This service goes beyond the food hygiene and safety requirements of FoodCheck and details levels of cleanliness that are monitored through the use of state of the art technology. The management of cleaning in these areas is reviewed on both a system and microbiological level.