TUI BLUE Palm Garden

Kizilağaç Mahallesi Number of rooms: 362

Standards Achieved

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Fire Safety (FireCheck)
FireCheck by Intertek Cristal is focused on the prevention of fire within a hotel

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Food Safety (FoodCheck)
FoodCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to assist hotels and hospitality businesses in producing and serving safe and hygienic food for guests

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General Safety (SafetyCheck)
SafetyCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that accidents and safety issues that are preventable within a hotel are effectively managed and eliminated where possible

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Security (SecurityCheck)
SecurityCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that the hotel has systems in place to prevent and effectively react to security incidents ranging from the extremely unlikely terrorist attack, to the far more common instance of petty theft

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Conference Room/Conference Center
Wellness Centre
Kids & Mini Club
Fitness Centre
Daily Housekeeping
Air Conditioning

Location & Contact Details

Kizilağaç Mahallesi, Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey