Hotel Holiday Beach

Plage Sidi Mahrez BP 90 Number of rooms: 279

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On the beach : Hotel is located on the beach. No roads/other hotels between the property and the beach. Near the beach : No more than 200m from the beach itself. Popular area :An area that has a number of hotels, restaurants, local attractions, specifically catering for tourists. Very little residential housing. Seafront : Hotel lies directly on the seafront, but with no beach (e.g. cliffs, nature area). On the promenade Hotel is situated on a promenade (along the waterfront) Residential area Area is mainly residential. Some smaller hotels may be in the area. Inner city area In the centre of a town/city. Lots of buildings, hotels, restaurants. Heavy traffic. Outskirts of city Not in the inner city/town area. Suburbs. In a small village Located in a small village. There may be a few local shops and restaurants in the area. Countryside In a rural area. Not in a town/city/village. Very few shops, restaurants around. Nature area Very few other buildings in the area. The area is naturally scenic. This might include woodlands, mountains, cliffs etc. Near the golf course Hotel is situated near a golf course (within 2 km)


Air Conditioning
Wi-Fi Access
Safe-Deposit Box at Reception
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Disabled Access
Room Service

Location & Contact Details

Plage Sidi Mahrez BP 90, Houmt Souk, Gouvernorat de Medenine, Tunisia Tel: +216 75 758 177 Fax: +216 75 758 192