Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah Hotel

King Abdul Aziz Endowment، Tower F,Ibrahim Al-Khaleel Number of rooms: 1624

Standards Achieved

Water Safety (AquaCheck)
AquaCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease and other water related issues

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Fire Safety (FireCheck)
FireCheck by Intertek Cristal is focused on the prevention of fire within a hotel

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Food Safety (FoodCheck)
FoodCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to assist hotels and hospitality businesses in producing and serving safe and hygienic food for guests

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Room Safety (RoomCheck)
RoomCheck by Intertek Cristal ensures that hotels manage and monitor the effectiveness of their room cleaning operations against an international benchmark

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General Safety (SafetyCheck)
SafetyCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that accidents and safety issues that are preventable within a hotel are effectively managed and eliminated where possible

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National Award 2020


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Daily Housekeeping
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Overlooking the holy city, Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah stands tall at the heart of the Muslim world. As part of prominent Abraj Al Bait complex, the hotel faces the holy Kaaba and has direct access to Masjid Al Haram. The 1,624 rooms and suites carry an embracing atmosphere, many of them have a graceful view of the holy Kaaba. Our refined restaurant and tea lounge vow to please refined palates. You’ll discover that our service combines the best of Alpine grace with the welcoming values of Arab culture. For a convenient shopping experience in Makkah, the hotel provides direct access to the shopping mall within Abraj Al Bait complex. Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah is the ultimate place to aim during Hajj & Umrah, or to merely unwind with your family. Whether for relaxing dinner with family or friends, a quick lunch or fine dining with the variety of international and oriental delicacies, Al Khairat restaurant and Masharif tea lounge provide you an invigorating ambience with the fine quality service. Al Khairat restaurant accommodates simultaneously up to 3,000 guests. We will surprise you with traditional recipes of oriental origin served in a fresh way. The contemporary and Alpine ambience will bring to you sense of the place, peace of mind and will help you to focus on your spiritual journey. Indulge yourself with fine selection of classic culinary treats suitable for all occasions from the contemporary Masharif tea lounge overlooking the holy city.

Location & Contact Details

King Abdul Aziz Endowment، Tower F,Ibrahim Al-Khaleel, Makkah, Makkah Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia