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The exquisite interior of this magnificent vessel has been tastefully crafted with intricate Moroccan inspired design. Boasting a wide range of facilities, large stylish sun decks and first rate service, the MS Darakum offers exceptional value for such a luxurious cruise on the Nile. This is an ideal way to see many of Egypt’s sights with an accompanying Egyptologist, whilst returning to the comfort of your cabin each evening. Your cruise is accompanied from Day 1 to Day 7 by a local English speaking tour guide/Egyptologist. Extensions are not escorted but assistance is provided in each destination by our local representative. Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner on board the MS Darakum, breakfast in Cairo, Luxor and Sharm. The ancient Egyptians called it simply “Niut”, “the City”. Homer named it the “City of a Hundred Gates”. Luxor possesses undeniable charm. Here and there among the palace halls and gardens and on facades of nineteenth-century buildings with corbelled balconies there is a glimpse of the past colonials and Egyptian monarchs. As the sun sets, the Temple of Luxor seems to stand apart from the world of the living. Its columns, colossal statues and bays recover their serenity, oblivious to the carriages passing by. Day 1 Luxor Depart from Heathrow on EgyptAir and upon arrival embark your ship MS Darakum. Overnight in Luxor. Day 2 EDFU During your early morning visit to the East Bank, see the magnificent temples of Karnak and Luxor, built in honour of the Egyptian sun god Amun Ra. Walk through the majestic hypostyle hall with its magnificently painted pillars and gaze at the collective work of 13 centuries of successive pharaohs. Sail to Edfu watching life on the banks of the Nile pass by. Overnight in Edfu. Day 3 Aswan This morning visit the stunning temple of Horus in Edfu, the most well-preserved temple in Egypt. In fact, original coloured paint still remains from 2000 years ago. Sail to Kom Ombo, a unique double temple dedicated to Sobek and Haroeris, set on a beautiful site on the banks of the Nile. Continue sailing to Aswan. Day 4 Aswan After breakfast marvel at the High Dam, an amazing feat of engineering built to provide electricity for rural areas of Egypt. Visit an ancient quarry where you will see an obelisk broken during carving. Finally, visit the Philae Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Isis, situated on a small island on the Nile. After lunch enjoy some time to explore the beautiful and ancient sights of Aswan situated on the First Cataract of the Nile, or take a leisurely and scenic sail in a felucca. Overnight in Aswan. Day 5 Aswan Today is free for you to explore Aswan or alternatively partake in an optional excursion (at extra cost) by air to Abu Simbel and the temple built by Ramses II. After being moved to save it from flood waters, visitors can explore the temples and have a chance to stand at the feet of the colossal statues of Ramses II, which are over 20 feet high. Overnight in Aswan. Day 6 Luxor Set sail for Luxor and stay overnight. Day 7 Luxor This morning visit the West Bank and see the Colossi of Memnon who once guarded the Mortuary Temple but now stand alone. Visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens, entering temples still covered in original paintings and colours. Make a stop at the Temple of Hatshepsut, the only female pharaoh and visit an ancient temple built in a strangely modern style. Drive to Qena and visit Dendera Temple which has scenes on the external wall portraying the famous Queen Cleopatra and her son Caesareon. Drive back to the boat to relax. Day 8 Luxor Disembark after breakfast and transfer to the airport for your EgyptAir flight to Heathrow.

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